October 3, 2014

For you.

The last time we met.
You ask me what went wrong.
I don't have answer for that.
So, I keep silent.

Again, you ask me why I was quiet.
Did I had a problem.
Patiently waiting for answer.
And again, I keep on silent.

I was having bad days
Hoping for you to stay beside me
Don't have to spell any words
Just stay and don't leave me

But seems it didn't work.

Everyday that passes remind me on you.
We don't create too many memories together.
But it keep playing on my mind.
If only you feel the same way too.

I'm sorry for ignoring you all this while.
If you do feel that way.
I didn't mean it.

You may find your own soulmate one day,
But till that day,
Can I get a chance,

To be your best friend again? --

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