October 14, 2014


Assalammualaikum and hello :D

Pasar Boco had been one of my favorite bazaar ever. A place where books and art lovers are being gathered together :D aku belum sampai lagi tahap geng buku jalanan who can talk, give comments and critisms on a particular book but certainly, I just love books :D

Dah 2 kali join Pasar Boco - #boco10 & #boco12 on the name of fingertote. The first time join agak malu2 kucing sbb I want to meet all these art persons, but does not hv confidence ish!. Jadi tengok dari jauh je la.

Sabtu lepas join boco12, I'm excited,again.haha

Meet Shaazni from Needless. Yg ni a guy that I hv me twice in the same event. A talented guy and he really give me a lot of useful information. Yang paling bagusnya dia bagi guidelines on how to go further in this field. Thanks a lot and may you success in the future.

The truth is aku memang low confidence punya orang. Aku rasa bende2 mcm ni kasi aku belajar jadi muka tebal sikit. It was hard at the first place, but I keep on remind myself -- don't be shy, just have fun :D

Nah belanja satu gambar. Nampak tak excited lebih haha.

Ok bye :D

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